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Investing with Ray Mack Real Estate

Organically grown, Ray Mack Real Estate’s success evolved because we love what we do. We understand the area and the people who live here which allows us to connect the right people with the right properties. Our business was from the desire to create a company that excelled at every level. We believe in the business of being human. That’s why we have established a solid client base supported by a network of happily referred customers.

Ray Mack Real Estate is a boutique agency with a focus on attention to detail and a highly personalised approach. We understand that good working relationships require care and consideration. Our clients appreciate our pro-active approach and the fact that we make every step of the process as simple as possible.

At RAY MACK REAL ESTATE we are the Risk Reduction Specialists! Our team will work with you to ensure you’re receiving the highest possible return on your investment property. The entire department are heavily focused on maximising your income and optimising capital growth on your investment property.

We understand when you are selecting a new managing agent it can be a very stressful process for many landlords as you don’t know if they are going to deliver on their promises.

At RAY MACK REAL ESTATE we understand promises can be easily broken and the good news is we GUARANTEE our service.

Making an investment in property

Investment in ‘bricks & mortar’ is one of the most stable forms of growing your wealth. The property market in Albury/Wodonga and surrounds seldom follows the same pattern as the metropolitan areas, yet it is still diverse and ever changing. The prices respectively rise and fall - nevertheless though the cycle always continues.

The key to buying is to make your purchases when the market is down and sell when the market is up – this will almost always guarantee a return on your investment. If you would like to grow or start an investment portfolio, talk to us today about what we have available or what other agents may have available that would make a sound investment. With our local knowledge paired with our passion for the industry, we can steer you in the right direction.

As a property owner, you want to know that your property or properties are being managed by a team of professional, ethical and caring people. At RAY MACK REAL ESTATE we strive to achieve the best results and outcomes for all of our investment property owners (Landlords). We offer you a personalised service, from purchase through to finding a quality tenant who will treat your property as their home. We are motivated by our unrivalled business ethic, expertise and dedication during every stage of the sale, purchase and lease of your property.

Property management is an industry that undergoes legislative changes constantly, so it is important that you can be assured your investments are being managed by people who are informed and follow the right procedures to get the maximum return for you. By choosing us, you are choosing a Property Management team that is fully trained in all aspects of property management and who understand the obligation of landlords and tenants.

Why we are the risk reduction specialists

Are you searching for peace of mind when selecting an agent to manage your investment property?

  • The team at RAY MACK REAL ESTATE are passionate and 100% dedicated to reducing all risks associated with your investment property. As a team we will strive to maximise your income, optimise capital growth opportunities and skilfully represent you throughout your entire experience with our agency.

Are you comfortable with pursuing the tenant if they fall behind in their rent?

  • The team at RAY MACK REAL ESTATE will act as a third party between the tenant & landlord, which gives you peace of mind that you won’t have to communicate with the tenant on issues such as late payment of rent, negotiating rental increases and following up maintenance issues.

Rent reviews are recommended every 12 months at a minimum. Would you feel comfortable advising the tenant of any changes made to the new agreement?

  • Sometimes having a third party to negotiate this on your behalf can avoid conflict and unnecessary additional stress. The team at Ray Mack Real Estate understands the complexity of legislation requirements when issuing notices and preparing tenancy documents.

Besides rent arrears have you considered the other ways tenants can become in breach of the agreement and how you would handle this situation?

  • The team at RAY MACK REAL ESTATE undertake regular training to keep abreast of the ever changing legislation to professionally manage the tenants and handle a tenancy breach with minimal stress to you.

Do you have a financial budget in place for your investment property over the next 1, 2 even 3 years?

  • The team at RAY MACK REAL ESTATE know a vacant property isn’t worth a cent to you as the investor and to ensure that your property is rented in the quickest possible time we use multiple marketing strategies. We have access to tenant database agencies (which contains information on defaulting tenants) to assist with the tenant selection process. Along with online products and systems that allow us to track our prospective tenants while they are looking for a suitable home. The team know and are consistently researching the rental market rent to ensure that you are achieving the highest possible return.

Get maximum return on your property portfolio

Ask about our FREE Property Health Check!

Getting the maximum return from your property portfolio requires a detailed strategy and plan. Our team will provide you with the information you need whilst ensuring you get the highest income with minimal vacancy periods and low expenditures.

  • We are the team that is going to accurately appraise your rental property to reduce vacancy periods, high tenancy turnovers and lost rental income.
  • We are the team that understands the importance of property presentation to attract a high quality tenant, which can reduce wear and tear and rent arrears.
  • We are the team that understands the importance of timely rental payments and will do whatever it takes to ensure that you do receive your rent on time.
  • We are the team that will focus on preventative maintenance to reduce extensive and expensive repairs being carried out.
  • We are the team that will promptly negotiate tenancy renewals to reduce vacancy periods, lost rental income and increase the value of your asset.
  • We are the team that is going to give you value-added feedback on renovations and improvements during inspections to optimise capital growth.
  • We are the team that attends yearly legislation updates and will educate you through every situations that arises. We pride ourselves on being the solution experts!
  • We are the team that will guide you through the process of increasing your property portfolio and net wealth.

Marketing & promotion of your property

We have a number of alternative marketing and advertising strategies to ensure that your property is receiving maximum exposure. We believe in attracting an A1 tenant.

  • Professional Marking - The platform most used by 99% of prospective tenants searching for their new home is the internet. We advertise on ALL of the major websites including but not limited to,,, our own website etc. Even the 1% left over who may see your property via sign board or newspaper, still go to the internet and search the address to view the internal photos of the property. This in turn means we are obligated to market your property in its best light! Included in our affordable & competitive advertising price, we arrange professional marking photos and include a FOR LEASE sign board.

  • Inspect Real Estate - Potential tenants can choose an inspection time based on their availability, and their schedule – rather than only being able to book into a single time that suits the agent. This flexibility in allowing tenants to choose a time that suits their needs means that more tenants are likely to arrange inspections. The more tenants that can see the property, the more likely it is that the property will be rented within a faster time frame. Please see brochure attached for more details.

  • TICA & NTD – We research & qualify all of your potential tenants using many methods of reference checking. We contact previous employers, previous rental agents and landlords, confirm private landlords are legitimate by using data only available to agents. We also find that social media has become a great tool for qualifying tenants. In addition to this we also run all prospective candidates through the two major national tenancy databases NTD & TICA. This allows us to ensure that the people who are applying for your home have not done the wrong thing somewhere else and as a result become black listed.

The Leasing Process

Disbursements and statements

Trust account funds are electronically transferred into the bank account of your choice. We give you the option mid-month and end of month or monthly depending on your needs. Any additional expenses i.e. rates, maintenance, Body Corporate etc can be paid directly from the rental funds collected if you require that service. We will provide you with a detailed statement outlining rent collected, authorised expenditure and management fees at every disbursement and an End of Financial year statement for Tax purposes.

Owners Portal – In the age of information we have found that owners want and need information at their fingertips. We can offer you that! We have invested in all the modern technologies available to our industry. Our owner’s online portal gives you access to your property in real time. All of your financial information, any maintenance jobs that are being attended to and their status, inspection information including photos etc. A total overview of your property.

This is especially good for our owners who are absentee as it means they can be thinking about their property while sitting on the couch at 9pm and jump on their laptop, tablet or smartphone and access all of the information they need for their property or portfolio.

Tenancy agreement preparation

tenancy agreement form

Once you have approved the application for tenancy, we ask the prospective tenant to pay one weeks’ rent to secure the property and will continue with our marketing and inspections until payment has been received. We then prepare the Tenancy Agreement and all supporting documents for our tenant sign up meeting. How our relationship starts with the tenant is generally how it will end. This meeting can go for 30 to 45 minutes and we ensure the tenant has a full understanding of everyone’s expectations prior to moving into your property. Agreements are to be signed before monies received or at the time of signing. Once signed you will receive a copy of the lease for your records and information.

Rent Arrears

Unfortunately more and more tenants are not paying their rent, even after passing the most careful tenant selection. Our team ensures every precaution is taken to minimise tenants falling behind in their rent by carrying out daily checks on all Tenancy Agreements to ensure rents are kept up to date.

We have strict standard rent arrears letters and procedures in place, should a tenant fall behind in their rent. At Ray Mack Real Estate our primary focus is to ensure that our team reduces risk in any loss of income to the property owner. In accordance with the law, our office will also issue the appropriate notices, upon approval from you as the owner.

Property vacancy

Our office understands that a vacant property isn’t worth a cent to you or our agency. We also recognise many property owners rely on the weekly rent to meet mortgage commitments and every endeavour is taken to reduce your risk during the vacancy periods.

Why properties remain vacant?

  • The rent is too high
  • High vacancy rate
  • Poor presentation
  • Accessibility to local facilities and transport
  • Poor marketing campaigns

The team at Ray Mack Real Estate are passionate about finding a quality tenant to suit your investment property and we will keep you updated weekly with how we are going in obtaining a tenant and the feedback they have provided weekly during the inspections.

Periodic inspections

24 hours after each inspection you will receive a full written report including photos on the property’s condition.

During these inspections we will conduct maintenance report as well as a general check of the internal and external condition of the property. Should any major maintenance be required, you will be notified immediately.

If our office does advise that there is maintenance pending it is important that this is rectified immediately.

A lack of maintenance on the property not only hinders capital growth of the investment, but also could lead to an injury claim. Understand, a tenant has the right to arrange emergency repairs if the agent or owner has not acted within a reasonable time.

You can also be confident that a detailed exit inspection is carried out after the tenant has vacated and before bond monies are released. Once again you will receive a written report and prompt update on the condition of the property if any maintenance is required.


Maintenance matters are carried out in accordance with your instructions throughout the tenancy. We only engage tradespeople who meet our office’s high standard. They must be licensed and they must have public liability insurance cover to protect you and your investment.

All maintenance work carried out on your property is guaranteed. If at any time we are not satisfied with the quality of the workmanship we will instruct the tradesperson to rectify the problem immediately.

The neglect of minor repairs will always lead to major (and more costly) repairs at a later date. At its worst, poor maintenance can cause a good tenant to leave. Our tradespeople ensure that problems are rectified quickly at a competitive price.

Tax depreciation

Tax depreciation schedule – Record Keeping for the end of financial year can be broken down into three distinct areas – income, expenses and depreciation.

Income related to the investment property is the simplest area to keep track of because there is generally only one income stream for each property – rental income.

At the end of the financial year we provide you with a statement of all the income for the year.

Expenses can be somewhat more complex as they can involve a variety of items. Your Tax Advisor or Accountant will need to give you a specific advice relative to your situation.

Depreciation is normal ‘wear’ and ‘tear’ to the asset, capital works and other depreciable items such as fixtures, fittings and appliances. The depreciation schedule is an important document relating to an investment property. For investors it is best practice to engage a quantity surveyor to complete this schedule which can then be handed to your accountant or tax advisor.

Ray Mack Real Estate Service Guarantee


We will let your property within a maximum period of 4 weeks from the date listed. In the event that we fail to secure a tenant in this time, you can nominate the letting fee you believe to be fair based on our performance.

Conditions of the guarantee are that you accept our professional advice regarding price and improvements and you agree to act on that advice within 24 hours after notification. If the property requires improvements or renovations, the guarantee will commence from the completion date. To claim on this guarantee, you must request this in writing from us within 7 days of the start date on the lease.


If at any time you are not satisfied with our performance you will have the right to terminate this agreement, provided you give us 7 days to rectify any concerns. If the concerns are rectified the management shall continue. If you decide to terminate the management, there will be no fees payable by you to us from the date of termination. Either party may terminate the agreement at any time by giving 30 days’ notice.


If you are dissatisfied with our service at any time during the course of the management for any reason, we will refund 3 months management fees upon receiving a written request. We will commit to resolve any concerns to your satisfaction without making excuses. Any actions we take will be done in accordance with the Tenancy Agreement and the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act.

If you are dissatisfied for reasons beyond our control, for example you dislike a section of the Act, this guarantee will not be valid.

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