Ray Mack


About me

Ray in four words:

One of Albury/Wodonga’s most recognised faces in real estate, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and valuable insights collected over his 16 years in the real estate business. “Our level of commitment is something rarely seen. We are pioneers, dedicated to bringing the focus back to customers.” With a solid reputation based on honesty and a down-to-earth approach, Ray has long held the trust of the region. Ray first achieved success as a professional sportsman before turning his focus to real estate, which Ray believes was a natural transition. “It’s all about being committed and achieving results - whether on the field or in the real estate game.” Offering a personal approach to real estate, Ray’s reputation is founded on a proud tradition of not only achieving but also surpassing the aims set for him by his clients. Ray is highly dedicated to delivering a new level of customer service for Albury/Wodonga and is excited about creating a new client experience. “We are part of something special, and our hope is that by introducing a new standard of customer service, we will not only improve client satisfaction, but we will also be contributing positive change to the real estate industry.”